Amanda's Maternity

Pregnancy is such an important phase of life to document with photos. Whether you feel fantastic or not-so-much, it's the beginning of your baby's story. Looking back at photos of this season of your life will bring back the anticipation and love you felt, while waiting for your child to arrive.

Even more, though, it gives your child a glimpse of what your family's life was like, just before his or her arrival. Our children want to see how much they were loved, even before they're in our arms, and they see it in the details.

Amanda found me through her friend Donna, whose sweet newborn I photographed last winter. The two met through the Dar a Luz Birth Center here in Albuquerque, and built a strong friendship based on shared experiences. I was so thrilled Donna put us in touch!

For Amanda's maternity session, we focused on her preparations for her precious baby. Just a few days before her photo session, her family and friends showered her with gifts and love. With clothes, blankets, and books to put away, I photographed Amanda getting the final touches of the nursery ready for her soon-to-be-born baby.

Thank you, Amanda, for inviting me to photograph this season for you. I cannot wait to meet your little one, and I'm so happy he (or she!) will have these photos to hold and see just how loved they were from the beginning.

Here are a few of my favorites.