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Baby Charlotte | Albuquerque Newborn Photographer

What do want to remember about your baby's newborn days? 

This time, filled with caring for and getting to know your baby, is truly magical. 

The way you hold your baby in your arms, quiet her cries, kiss her sweet cheeks, and soothe her to sleep.

The way your husband scoops up your baby, pats her back, and whispers sweet words in her ear.

The way her fingers curl around yours. The way her feet fit in your husband's hand. The way she gazes as you both.

For me, the images that pull on my heart and bring the memories flooding back aren't the ones that are perfectly posed.

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Baby Noah | Albuquerque Newborn Photographer

Sometimes we hold off on a newborn photo session because we tell ourselves, "We didn't get professional photos of our first baby...and we don't want our oldest to feel left out."

I know I felt that way with our second, but like Kaytee, thankfully, I was over that guilt trip by my third. 

This newborn time is so short and so sweet, and it deserves to be documented in beautiful photographs. 

And that guilt trip - besides being a complete figment of our imagination - just doesn't stand up next to documentary newborn photography.

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Baby Joshua | Albuquerque Newborn Photographer

I headed back to Amanda's home when Baby Joshua was 2 weeks old for his newborn photo session. In the short time since his Fresh 48 Session, he had already grown so much, and was even more alert, which was so fun to see.

One of the wonderful benefits of in-home lifestyle newborn photo sessions is that your baby is free to be himself - awake or asleep, nursing or crying, in your arms or wrapped up tight.

There's no pressure to put your baby to sleep (and make sure he stays that way).

There are no rules to follow.

It's just you and your baby, exactly as you are, making memories you want to keep forever.

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Baby Huck

With Baby Huck being their seventh baby, Krystal and Gabe know very well how quickly the newborn stage passes, and what a treasure this time is.

When we met, Krystal explained exactly why a documentary-style newborn session appealed to her. Instead of the stress of trying to convince her children to sit still, look at the camera, and smile at the exact same time, they could all relax and enjoy their photo session. In being themselves, they could capture the honest connections between each other and their beautiful baby boy - the moments she holds most dear.

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Amanda's Maternity

Pregnancy is such an important phase of life to document with photos. Whether you feel fantastic or not-so-much, it's the beginning of your child's story. Looking back at photos of this season of your life will bring back the anticipation and love you felt, while waiting for your child to arrive. 

Even more, though, it gives your child a glimpse of what your family's life was like, just before his or her arrival. Our children want to see how much they were loved, even before we see their faces, and they see it in the details.

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Baby Luz | Albuquerque Newborn Photographer

Newborn sessions at home are so magical. There is something about the combination of parents' love for their long-awaited miracle and the brevity of this stage that shines so beautifully and longs to be documented in photographs. 

When I visited the sweet Baby Luz and her family to photograph a little of this time for them in their home, she was one week old. Her mother, Brooke, told me she loved the idea of having photos of her daughter at this stage, but she was a bit nervous about having photographs of herself one week postpartum. She knew, though, that five years from now and twenty-five years from now, she'll want to see her arms wrapped around her baby girl and her face smiling down on Luz's tiny one. 

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Baby Owen | Albuquerque Newborn Photographer

A week after I met Baby O, I headed to his home to photograph his newborn days. This sweet boy is so loved by his parents and "big brother." I'm so thrilled he'll be able to look back at these photos one day and see that love so clearly, and that his parents will have these memories to hold and go back to year after year as he grows. 

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Fresh 48 with Baby Owen | Albuquerque Newborn Photographer

There is something so sweet and so joyful about a Fresh 48 Session. This miracle, for so long unseen, is finally here. I was able to meet Baby O just a few short hours after his long awaited arrival, and photograph this special time for his parents and family to hold onto, even as he grows into the person he'll become. Congratulations, Donna and Will. Baby O is perfect. 

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Jen + Anders's Maternity

One of the awesome things about lifestyle and documentary-style maternity sessions is how they capture a slice of real life in context. I'm so excited that Jen and Anders (and their future family) will have photos that show a little bit of what a lazy Saturday afternoon at home was like during this pregnancy. Years from now, they'll be able to look back at these and remember the details of their life at this exact moment in time, and they'll see how they brought their baby boy into a home filled with laughter and love.

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