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By the Hour {April}

Last month, though, I did my first "By the Hour" project. The challenge, of course, is to create an interesting photo when the timer goes off - no matter how uninteresting things seem to be at the moment.

And that's really what it's all about, isn't it?

Finding that beautiful bit in the mundane.

Reframing your view of your personal situation and focusing more on all the little things you're thankful for.

And being 100% present, so you can truly experience it. 

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Easter Traditions 2017

You guys all know what a big fan I am of the every day moments, but traditions hold a big place in my heart, too.

And so, it was important to me to film it. To create this living memory of my little boys and my mother doing something I had done as a child, and something they'll do one day with theirs.

To be perfectly honest, though, I wasn't sure how it would go this year, or whether it would be worth filming at all.

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A Morning Together: With the Grandkids

Growing up, my grandparents were the sort who would drop everything for my sister and me.

My grandfather would chat away with us during "coffee time", which included slices of apple pie and a Sun Drop for us girls. 

My grandmother was always available for curling up on the couch together with a book or teaching us to knit for the 100th time. 

We'd feed the cat, play Clue, and beg for another guided tour of the basement "treasures" - the highlight being a set of animal traps my grandfather used for hunting as a boy.  

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Eliza's Family

I believe there is something truly magical about photos of your family, taken in your own home, doing the things you normally do.

I believe the details in the setting of your house will take you back to this time and revive sweet memories you've forgotten, every time you look at them.

I believe the little interactions within your family scream love. 

During Eliza's Film Session, I also photographed her family. After a year of hospitalization, Eliza is finally home, and the beautiful connections they share definitely scream love.

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Eliza is home!

After a year of hospitalization, including major heart surgery and a throat surgery to correct breathing issues, Eliza is home!

This film is a celebration of Eliza's life, her homecoming, and the love her family shares, both with her and for her. My hope, is that in the years to come, they'll look back and see how far they've come.

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What Matters

This fall has been a tough one for my family. My husband and I have had busy work schedules, and between the boys’ school and after-school commitments, sometimes it’s felt as if I couldn’t catch my breath. Can you relate?

In all the running from place to place, reviewing spelling words and Spanish vocab, and making sure lunches are packed every day, the weeks have flown by, with weekends whipping even faster.

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Melissa + James's Family

Melissa trusted me to see exactly what she sees every day - the chaos, the beauty, and the love in raising four little ones.

And just as importantly, she trusted her children to be themselves - kind, funny, creative, and connected - without directing them to do or be anything else.

The result?

A beautiful gallery of photographs - and a film - depicting a typical Saturday morning in this phase of their lives. 

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Colleen + Matt's Maternity

When you're expecting your first baby, it's completely natural to spend most of your time dreaming about your next phase of life. 

Between the preparations to be made and the anticipation of meeting the little miracle growing in your belly, the future is an exciting time.

But right now, on the precipice of your life changing in this gigantic and wonderful way, is also just as amazing.


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Kaytee + Jason's Maternity

There are so many similarities between a documentary family photo session and a maternity one, especially when a family already has a child (or two, as Kaytee and Jason do!), but that's exactly what makes them so special.

A baby isn't born in a bubble. He's born into a family - and that family shapes who he is and who he becomes. When your family celebrates this stage of life in photos, it's truly a gift for everyone involved. 

Whether it's your first or your third, giving your child the ability to look back in time and see how he was a part of your family's life from the very beginning is something he will always treasure. 

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Summer Days

I fell in love with Family Films from the first time I saw one, and I knew I had to learn how to create them. 

I know that the movement and sound captured in these videos will take our hearts back in time in a way that's totally different from photos, and just as valuable. 

Long after our boys are grown, we'll have their little voices, their foot steps, their hobbies, and their giggles in this time capsule. 

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Megan + Robert's Family

When I think of the ways I love my family every day…

From making meals to reading stories,

From kissing away boo-boos to listening to hopes and dreams,

From dancing and singing to hugging and cuddling,

It breaks my heart to think, if I don’t make an effort to get in the frame, one day, the details of those memories will fade away – both for me and for my children.

Megan understands how important it is to have her family’s real life documented – and to be IN her family’s collective memory in photographs.

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