Baby Kennedi | Newborn At Home | Albuquerque Newborn Photographer

Things change so quickly in those first few weeks with your newborn. As you're getting to know her, and she's learning about her new world, she's also growing.

Her cord falls off, and her facial features begin to settle in. Her legs, curled up inside your body for months, start to straighten. Her tiny stomach begins to hold more and more milk. She gets taller and stronger, and suddenly, her newborn clothes no longer fit. 

Documenting the details of your baby’s first days at home is what I love most about at-home newborn photo sessions.

In your hands and in your home, those tiny newborn details shine. Through the simple act of caring for your baby, you’re able to remember forever just how her foot fit into your palm and the way you once fed her in your arms.

As she grows out of sink baths and stretches out to fill her crib, you’ll celebrate each change, knowing you can always return to days she was so very tiny, in photographs that will last lifetime.

Thank you, Brooke and Shannon, for inviting me to capture this time in Baby Kennedi’s life. She is such a precious girl and is so lucky to have the two of you as her parents.

Here are a few of my favorites from her session.