Family Newborn Photography Albuquerque


In the daily grind of life, my focus is often on my goal - getting dinner on the table and my boys in bed on time. Seeing the photos of our nightly routine makes me want to linger a little longer and snuggle a little tighter, because soon those cute toes and chubby legs won’t dangle from my hip. These photos are so valuable to me because they’re a tangible representation of those moments that make our family who we are. The holding and laughing and comforting and living that happens every day are things I don’t ever want to forget.
— Emily

We’re incredibly grateful that Stacey came to our home and captured such beautiful moments with our son in his first weeks. Nothing was staged or contrived, and she made us feel so relaxed and comfortable. Stacey is a total pro, and her work speaks for itself.
— Justine

This was our first time having family photos done, but Stacey made us feel comfortable and natural. Her ability as an artist and fellow mother shines through in the beautiful moments she’s able to photograph.
— Martha

Stacey was truly amazing. I was moved to tears by the video, and still am! (I secretly watch it a lot!) The little moments she captured from the children and the house were things you sort of overlook as daily life moves. Having her there, like a fly on the wall, getting all the moments is priceless! These are the best keepsakes! I’m so happy to have moments frozen in time from when my four children were so little, and I can’t believe she got all of that in such a short three hours! Stacey has such a great talent for this amazing type of photography, and I feel blessed that she fit in perfectly to our Saturday family routine.
— Melissa

Stacey made us feel so comfortable by taking the time to get to know us as individuals and as a family. Her documentary-style session was perfect in capturing the beautiful moments that we share together. After seeing the photos, we knew that there was no better way to capture the emotion and love of this time.
— Flor

Stacey’s photos are stunning and precious. They carry so much meaning and heart, and they stand apart from the images we’re used to seeing these days. She did such an amazing job of capturing how these years feel and those sweet, fun, and chaotic moments that pass all too quickly.
— Kristen

Stacey did a fantastic job capturing the everyday moments of our family in an artful and touching way. She even made her home, which was strewn with the mess of taking care of a newborn, look peaceful and beautiful. Most importantly, while simply chatting with us during our normal routines, she captured gorgeous photos of our newborn daughter. We can’t thank Stacey enough for these cherished images.
— Brooke

When I first contacted Stacey about a session, I had no clue what we would actually “DO” in our shoot! My family doesn’t sit and play board games together every Saturday morning. We don’t have a fancy pancake tradition every weekend. I didn’t want to fake it. Stacey took the time to get to know my family, personally, and helped me to discover what I wanted our kids to remember most about this season of life. The answer was simply, “togetherness.” Our favorite togetherness is around the table, when we feed our bodies, hearts, and souls, and Stacey captured that beautifully. These photos are a treasure to me - moments I will want to come back to again and again.
— Tish

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