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Colleen + Matt's Maternity

When you're expecting your first baby, it's completely natural to spend most of your time dreaming about your next phase of life. 

Between the preparations to be made and the anticipation of meeting the little miracle growing in your belly, the future is an exciting time.

But right now, on the precipice of your life changing in this gigantic and wonderful way, is also just as amazing.


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Kaytee + Jason's Maternity

There are so many similarities between a documentary family photo session and a maternity one, especially when a family already has a child (or two, as Kaytee and Jason do!), but that's exactly what makes them so special.

A baby isn't born in a bubble. He's born into a family - and that family shapes who he is and who he becomes. When your family celebrates this stage of life in photos, it's truly a gift for everyone involved. 

Whether it's your first or your third, giving your child the ability to look back in time and see how he was a part of your family's life from the very beginning is something he will always treasure. 

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Amanda's Maternity

Pregnancy is such an important phase of life to document with photos. Whether you feel fantastic or not-so-much, it's the beginning of your child's story. Looking back at photos of this season of your life will bring back the anticipation and love you felt, while waiting for your child to arrive. 

Even more, though, it gives your child a glimpse of what your family's life was like, just before his or her arrival. Our children want to see how much they were loved, even before we see their faces, and they see it in the details.

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Jen + Anders's Maternity

One of the awesome things about lifestyle and documentary-style maternity sessions is how they capture a slice of real life in context. I'm so excited that Jen and Anders (and their future family) will have photos that show a little bit of what a lazy Saturday afternoon at home was like during this pregnancy. Years from now, they'll be able to look back at these and remember the details of their life at this exact moment in time, and they'll see how they brought their baby boy into a home filled with laughter and love.

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