3 Tips to Make Your Photo Session Amazing

So you’re ready to book your family or newborn photography session, and you want to be sure you’re doing what you can on your end to make sure your photos are amazing. I completely understand.

First off, rest assured that I will be guiding you and paying attention to both the light and the individual moments and connections to make this a wonderful photography experience for you.

I also offer personalized help on what to wear for your sessions, based on your wardrobe and personality.

But it’s true, there are a few things you can do to help your photo session run more smoothly and will truly make your photos even more amazing.

You can hear my 3 tips for making your newborn or family photo session amazing by watching the video below, or if it’s easier for you, scroll down - I have all 3 tips written out below.

1. Make time to laugh before your photo session.

I know that sounds a little crazy, but laughter has this magical effect on our bodies and our minds. It relaxes our muscles, puts us in a positive mindset, and helps us be in the present moment. What’s more, the camera will pick up that you’re relaxed and having a good time. So find a funny video, listen to a podcast that’s guaranteed to make you laugh, share an inside joke with the people in your family. If you can find a way to laugh - really laugh - ten to fifteen minutes before your photo session starts, it’s going to impact your photos in an incredibly positive way.

Side note: I also use this tip as your photographer on my way to your photo session! I’ve found laughter to be the best way to help me relax so I can center myself and focus on creating beautiful photos for you and your family.

2. Stay flexible.

Having a plan is important. It’s one of the reasons we will chat on the phone or meet in person before your photo session! But at the same time, flexibility is one of the keys to amazing photos. Let there be room for change in the moment and natural progression. Sometimes our kids have wonderful, spur of the moment ideas, and sometimes the very sweetest photos come along with a newborn baby who only wants to be held and soothed. When we can be open to whatever our time together might bring, it makes for some really beautiful photography.

3. Really be there.

Obviously, you’ll physically be there - how else could you be in the photos! What I mean is to be present mentally. Be in the space, and be a part of whatever is happening. For a lot of us, that means putting our phones in a different room, so we’re not distracted by them. When we stay focused on our family and those moments together, that’s going to make for some truly amazing photos.

And really, that’s it! You already love your family and your baby more than words can express. With my guidance and expertise behind the camera, and you laughing, staying flexible, and truly being present in the moment, your photo session will be absolutely amazing. It’s a joy and honor to be your photographer for your newborn or family photo session in Albuquerque.

Along those lines, we often talk about what to wear for a photo session, but if you’re curious about what NOT to wear, check out this great post by Minneapolis Photographer, Michele Quattrin. She details several no-no’s, and gives some great tips so that you can look extra amazing in our photo session together.

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Stacey is a family and newborn photographer in Albuquerque, NM. She photographs and films babies and their families at home in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and Santa Fe, and is available for travel. To schedule your newborn or family photo shoot with Stacey, email at stacey@sma-photography. com or visit Albuquerque Newborn Photographer | SMA Photography.