When is the best time to schedule your newborn photography session?

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This is the first post in a new blog series, through which I’ll be answering several of the questions many people have about newborn photography.

When should I schedule my baby’s newborn photography session?

This is such a common, but excellent, question. The timing of your baby’s newborn photo session impacts both the feel of your photos, and it’s so important for your photographer to capture that fleeting newborn stage and all the details that make this time so special.

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Here are a few things to consider as you schedule your newborn photography session.

  1. I recommend you research your options, and then book with your chosen photographer towards the end of your second trimester. This will give you a plenty of time to schedule a planning meeting with her that fits your calendar, and help you feel even more comfortable before your baby’s photo session.

  2. Once you book the session with your newborn photographer, the actual session date likely won’t be set until after your baby is born since it can be difficult to know ahead of time when your baby will actually arrive!

  3. The ideal time to schedule your newborn session is typically within the first two weeks of life, but with lifestyle sessions, this time frame can easily be extended to one month (or longer, for premature babies!), while still capturing gorgeous, heartfelt images of the newborn stage. Because my newborn photo sessions all include a complimentary Fresh 48 photo session, you and I will decide on a time approximately 12-48 hours after your baby’s birth for me to come for this session. Your baby’s newborn photos at home are typically scheduled to take place about 6-9 days after the Fresh 48 Session.

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If your baby is due in the next few weeks - or has already arrived! - don’t worry. Many newborn photographers, myself included, hold spaces for last minute bookings. If I have no availability and your baby is almost out of the newborn phase, I’m happy to help you connect with one of several photographers I happily recommend in Albuquerque, Rio Ranch, or Santa Fe for lifestyle newborn photography.

Newborn photography is time-sensitive, there’s no doubt about it. Your baby will grow and change from the moment he or she is born. But by booking your newborn session early - or grabbing one of those last minute spots - you’re sure to hold onto the memories of this time that you cherish most.

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Stacey Adams of SMA Photography is the premier lifestyle newborn photographer in the Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and Santa Fe areas. Her newborn, fresh 48, and family work has been published online and in magazines, such as Dear Photographer.