Diana + Ryan's Family

Those of you who know me can imagine how excited I was for this session with a homeschooling family. Although my older boys now go to a charter school, I homeschooled for two and a half years myself, and truly I believe there’s such a special bond that comes from parents and children having that sort of relationship – where a family’s values and learning experiences and lots of love come together. I don’t miss my days as a classroom teacher one bit, but the time I spent teaching my own children is something I will always treasure.

Diana and I met a few days before the shoot to talk about the things her family loves to do and plan her family’s session. One of the things that really stuck out to me was her children’s love for creative play. We decided on an art session, with time at the beginning for the children to warm up to me and the camera.

When I reached Diana and Ryan’s home the morning of the session, I was warmly greeted by the older children who had lots of questions about my van, my gear, and my kids - all of which I was more than happy to answer! (Their parents were pretty awesome, too!) Diana set up their art supplies (LOVE their easel!) while the kids showed me some of their (and Dad’s!) favorite toys.

Once their baby brother woke from his nap, it was obvious how much happiness he brings their family. I’ve seen it over and over again – the amazing love homeschooled siblings have for each other – and this time was just as beautiful!

I so loved capturing Diana and Ryan’s family’s joy, creativity, and those special one on one moments. It was truly a blessing! Thank you so much, Diana and Ryan, for inviting me into your home.