Colleen + Matt's Maternity

When you're expecting your first baby, it's completely natural to spend most of your time dreaming about your next phase of life. 

Between the preparations to be made and the anticipation of meeting the little miracle growing in your belly, the future is an exciting time.

But right now, on the precipice of your life changing in this gigantic and wonderful way, is also just as amazing.

These last weeks, as a family of two (or three!), are important.

Your life will never be quite like this again. And sweet as those days with your baby will be, it's worth remembering how the two of you were. Before.

That's what a maternity documentary session gives you.

Photos of your real life that will take you back in time to the excitement and the love that fills your home, as you await your precious newborn's arrival.

Photos you and your child will cherish, as you rediscover details and share memories, for years to come.

Colleen and Matt have such a strong love for each other and their baby. I'm so thrilled they have these photos of the way they were, at home, on a normal Tuesday evening, right before Baby Charlotte brightened their lives even more. 

If this experience speaks to your heart, too, reach out to me or request our family session guide below.

See Baby Charlotte's FRESH 48 and NEWBORN photos, as well as her FILM.