What is a Fresh 48 Photo Session?

The birth of your baby is a gigantic life moment. Finally, after months of waiting, you’re able to see and hold your miracle. And yet, this time is made up of so many seemingly simple details…counting fingers and toes, smoothing downy hair, and taking in every little bit of this new person that’s been entrusted to your care, while they sleep in your arms.

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Baby Keith | Newborn Photography Albuquerque

A baby changes your life in so many different ways. There are the obvious ones - less sleep and more laundry, for example.

But a baby changes your life in big picture ways, too, and it’s these ways that draw me to newborn photography - specifically capturing the beauty in real, newborn days - over and over again.

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What to Wear Newborn Baby Photo Session | Albuquerque Newborn Photography

As your newborn photographer, the authentic, heartfelt images I capture of this time will serve to remind you what this time of joy felt like, how much your baby is loved, and just how unbelievably tiny they once were.

That’s why I’ve put together this easy list of tips for dressing your baby before your newborn photo session.

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Baby Payton | Newborn Baby Photos in Albuquerque

During your newborn photo session, I’m looking for the in-between-ness.

Those times you’re completely immersed in the moment with your baby. Those times you’re relaxed and having fun. Those times you’re cuddling with your newborn baby, laughing with your husband, and connecting with your family.

All because you can’t believe how lucky you are to have this little miracle in your life.

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How to Make Your Home Look Its Best For Your Newborn Photo Session

One of the best things about having your newborn photo session at your home is simply that - it’s at your home! No stressing about arriving at your appointment on time with your newborn baby in tow, and no worries that you won’t have everything you need at an arm’s reach.

And what’s more, preparing your home for your newborn’s photography session is super easy and can be done in almost no time at all.

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Baby Margo | Fresh 48 Newborn Photography in Albuquerque

While Fresh 48 Newborn Photo Sessions usually take place in the hospital, they can absolutely happen at home for families who choose home birth or have their baby at a birth center.

Fresh 48 Newborn Photography is about remembering the connections, the quiet, the first moments, and bringing you right back to the sense of awe you feel in being with your baby in her first hours.

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