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Baby Keith | Newborn Photography Albuquerque

A baby changes your life in so many different ways. There are the obvious ones - less sleep and more laundry, for example.

But a baby changes your life in big picture ways, too, and it’s these ways that draw me to newborn photography - specifically capturing the beauty in real, newborn days - over and over again.

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Baby Payton | Newborn Baby Photos in Albuquerque

During your newborn photo session, I’m looking for the in-between-ness.

Those times you’re completely immersed in the moment with your baby. Those times you’re relaxed and having fun. Those times you’re cuddling with your newborn baby, laughing with your husband, and connecting with your family.

All because you can’t believe how lucky you are to have this little miracle in your life.

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Baby Hugo | Albuquerque Newborn Photographer

I absolutely love to create photos and films for families with a newborn baby in their lives.

It's my passion, an art that brings me so much joy throughout each step.

It's also something I feel so close to, that I sometimes have difficulty explaining why it's so meaningful to me.

Occasionally, though, I work with a family that manages to describe exactly why I love this work so clearly, it takes my breath away. 

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