Tish + Scott's Family

If you know Tish, you know she's a talented and skilled photographer who documents her boys' lives gorgeously.

If you know me, you know I was incredibly nervous going into her family's photo session! 

But Tish is so warm and kind - as is her whole family - that all of my fears melted away as soon as I stepped foot inside her home. 

The reason she wanted me to photograph her family was simple. She's not in a lot of her family photos. And photos that include her AND her husband? Forget it. It just doesn't happen. 

I think a lot of us can relate to that feeling, whether we're the photographer in the family or not. In Tish's case, she has a remote, and she's working on getting in the shot more often.

But setting up your own photos isn't quite the same as having another person document your family's life. Having me there with my camera meant she could just be herself, without having to plan for a photo in the back of her mind.  She could see what I saw, without the filter of her own eye. 

Tish also told me, straight out, when we sat down to plan her session - We don't really play Legos or cars or bake much with the boys, like the other families you've photographed.

I have to tell you, this confession thrilled me. (And not just because we don't really do those things either.) 

Through her honesty, we were able to capture a true Saturday for her family - one she and Scott will always want to remember.

Her boys played Legos (which just happened to be what they chose that morning), they ate their normal lunch of peanut butter sandwiches with cheese puffs, and she read to them at the table, just as she does at every meal.

I was even able to sneak in some photos of her and Scott together. 

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