Emily + Adam's Family

What is the craziest time of day at your house? 

The mornings, here, have their own bit of chaos between breakfast and getting out the door for school, but it's still our evenings that are the most hectic. The whole dinner, bath, bedtime routine is jam-packed with activity over a very short period of time, and everyone - no matter how great the day was - is exhausted. 

But it's also such a beautiful time of day. It's a time for connecting around the dinner table. It's a time for listening with our eyes and hearts, as well as our ears. It's a time for stories and cuddles and kisses.

Emily and Adam invited me into their home to photograph their Friday evening routine - and Friday night is pizza night! With three little boys, they definitely know the meaning of the word "busy"...and of the word "love." They also know how short these years are - this time of "three to a tub," tickle monsters, and rides in Daddy's arms. It was an honor to capture this night for them. 

Thank you, Emily and Adam, for sharing part of your family's story with me. Here are a few of my favorites.