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Where should I print my photos?

If you're not ordering your cards and prints through a professional photographer this year, deciding where to print your gifts can be overwhelming. What's more, not all print labs are created equal, and rushing out to Walmart or uploading to Shutterfly is likely to leave you disappointed. This is because most of these "quick" labs don't calibrate their printing machines for color or image quality and they use lower quality paper, so the print won't look as good as the image file you sent them. 

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Why Print?

When I was a little girl, one of my favorite things to do was look through the boxes of photos my parents kept in our hall closet. Each box had a little hook, and when you pulled it, and entire flip album pulled out. I spent hours pouring over those photos, remembering birthdays and Christmases, family reunions and vacations. There were photos of dance recitals and Easter egg hunts, ones of my sister and me contently cuddling up to read with our grandparents, and ones where we were clearly mad at the world (or at least our little part of it). I could see my dad building a little red wagon just for me and my mom carrying my sister's homemade birthday cake. There were hundreds of these photos in those boxes. Hundreds.

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