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A Morning Together: With the Grandkids

Growing up, my grandparents were the sort who would drop everything for my sister and me.

My grandfather would chat away with us during "coffee time", which included slices of apple pie and a Sun Drop for us girls. 

My grandmother was always available for curling up on the couch together with a book or teaching us to knit for the 100th time. 

We'd feed the cat, play Clue, and beg for another guided tour of the basement "treasures" - the highlight being a set of animal traps my grandfather used for hunting as a boy.  

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Eliza's Family

I believe there is something truly magical about photos of your family, taken in your own home, doing the things you normally do.

I believe the details in the setting of your house will take you back to this time and revive sweet memories you've forgotten, every time you look at them.

I believe the little interactions within your family scream love. 

During Eliza's Film Session, I also photographed her family. After a year of hospitalization, Eliza is finally home, and the beautiful connections they share definitely scream love.

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Eliza is home!

After a year of hospitalization, including major heart surgery and a throat surgery to correct breathing issues, Eliza is home!

This film is a celebration of Eliza's life, her homecoming, and the love her family shares, both with her and for her. My hope, is that in the years to come, they'll look back and see how far they've come.

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