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Jennifer + Ted's Family

"Stacey was able to capture the real us with her documentary-style photography. She saved a moment in our lives - although it’s more than a moment - it’s a story. She gave us something we will treasure forever in the photographs of our Sunday mornings together. These are moments that I know won’t last long, and it’s so wonderful to save them in the way she does." -Jennifer

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My grandfather was the photographer in our family. He shot with a Canon - a T70 with a 35-105mm 3.5 lens (for my fellow photo geeks). It was huge and heavy, with a patterned strap that reminded me of snakeskin. 

But what I remember him using most, was his Polaroid. He loved its instant developing film – partly, I’m sure, because he loved watching my sister and me laugh joyously at the miracle of their development. He would bring it - and about a hundred extra film packs, it seemed - every visit. 

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