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Christmas Survival Guide

You may be someone who absolutely lives for the Christmas season, and if so, 1 – That is awesome, and 2 – I’m jealous. Feel free to delete this email and continue singing carols.

But for me, December is the most stressful month of the year. Between the extra high expectations from everyone, our overly full calendar, and the general admonishment to be joyful at all times, I find it all a bit overwhelming. 

So I made myself a Survival Guide to follow this month. 

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Melissa + James's Family

Melissa trusted me to see exactly what she sees every day - the chaos, the beauty, and the love in raising four little ones.

And just as importantly, she trusted her children to be themselves - kind, funny, creative, and connected - without directing them to do or be anything else.

The result?

A beautiful gallery of photographs - and a film - depicting a typical Saturday morning in this phase of their lives. 

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Fresh 48 with Baby Charlotte | Albuquerque Newborn Photographer

When Colleen and Matt sat down with me to discuss their maternity and newborn photo sessions, they were on the fence about including a Fresh 48 session.

They loved the idea of having beautiful photos of their sweet baby's first few hours, but it's such a delicate and emotional time, and with so many unknowns about how the birthing process would go, they were understandably nervous about booking the Fresh 48 portion.

Having never had a Fresh 48 session when my babies were born, I couldn't share my personal experience, but I was able to tell them about Will's.

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Summer Days

I fell in love with Family Films from the first time I saw one, and I knew I had to learn how to create them. 

I know that the movement and sound captured in these videos will take our hearts back in time in a way that's totally different from photos, and just as valuable. 

Long after our boys are grown, we'll have their little voices, their foot steps, their hobbies, and their giggles in this time capsule. 

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Iconic Summer Photo Series {At the Zoo} | Albuquerque Photographer

Our family has made great use of our membership to the ABQ BioPark over the past year. We love the Gardens and the Aquarium, but the Zoo is at the top of our kids' list, for sure.

Between their favorite exhibit (the sea lions!), the ever-present peacocks, and the Carousel, I'm thankful our boys will have photos of the way they enjoyed their very favorite parts of the Albuquerque Zoo this summer.

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Why I'm Dedicated to Documentary-Style Family Photography

The best questions often come from children, don’t they?

Their honest curiosity gives them the ability to phrase things in a way that adult never would, and we’re so surprised by their bluntness, we’re encouraged to think about things in a new way.

A couple of weeks ago, I got one of those great questions from a client’s son. Right in the middle of painting a star, he turned to me and asked, “So, why do you like taking photos?”

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My grandfather was the photographer in our family. He shot with a Canon - a T70 with a 35-105mm 3.5 lens (for my fellow photo geeks). It was huge and heavy, with a patterned strap that reminded me of snakeskin. 

But what I remember him using most, was his Polaroid. He loved its instant developing film – partly, I’m sure, because he loved watching my sister and me laugh joyously at the miracle of their development. He would bring it - and about a hundred extra film packs, it seemed - every visit. 

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