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Dressing your baby for his or her newborn photography session at home doesn’t need to be stressful.

Babies are beautiful, just as they are. They don’t need a variety of outfits or accessories to shine!

That’s why we want to keep it simple.

As your newborn photographer, the authentic, heartfelt images I capture of this time will serve to remind you what this time of joy felt like, how much your baby is loved, and just how unbelievably tiny they once were.

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With that in mind, we want your newborn photos to bring attention to your baby, not distract from this incredible moment.

That’s why I’ve put together this easy list of tips for dressing your baby before your newborn photo session.

What to Wear: A Baby’s Newborn Photo Session

1. A onesie, gown, or sleeper.

These are staples we all have in our newborn baby’s wardrobe, and that’s one of the reasons they’re each so perfect for documenting this incredible time in your family’s life. Your photos will be most resonate and meaningful when they are reflections of your real life.

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I love the way a gown allows your baby’s feet to poke out of the bottom for sweet detail shots.

Whether you choose a onesie, gown, or sleeper for your baby, make sure to pick one with either a solid color or a small, repeating print pattern. This will keep the focus on your baby and the moment.

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If you choose a onesie, I encourage you to skip the pants. We want to keep their clothing as simple as possible, and lean into their pure baby-ness. If you are concerned about your baby getting too cold, I recommend raising the temp in your home a few degrees about an hour before I arrive, so that your baby will feel comfortable and relaxed during their newborn photo session.

2. Just a diaper.

There are few times in life it’s cute to wear nothing but a diaper, but your baby’s newborn days are one of them.

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Whether you choose cloth diapers or disposables, diapers are a key icon of the newborn and baby stages. They also allow us to photograph your baby’s rolls, newborn wrinkles, and even those little bits of hair we love to see on their shoulders.

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3. A Blanket.

Blankets are another signature baby item that can be a beautiful addition to wrap around your baby - whether combined with a diaper-only or a sleeper or onesie.

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I especially love blankets that bring texture into your photos or drape around your newborn baby in a beautiful way.

When choosing a blanket to include in your newborn photo session, make sure to stick with solid colors. Texture doesn’t like to compete with pattern!

If you prefer patterns, you can pair the blanket with either a solid colored top or dress your baby in a simple diaper only.

4. A Swaddling Blanket or Wrap

Swaddling is one of the ways to calm a newborn baby, but it also makes for gorgeous photos.

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Although I love to document your family’s interaction and connection with your newborn baby, I also love to get a few shots of baby alone. The swaddle often keeps your baby happy during those shots inside the crib, even if he’s awake!

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When I come to your home on the day of your photo session, I bring a selection of wraps to choose from to make your life easy. If you have one of your own you’ve picked out especially for the occasion, we’ll absolutely use it for your newborn baby’s photos.

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I love how the pink in her swaddling blanket matches the pink in mama’s dress!

If you have a baby that’s always breaking out of the swaddle, no worries. Those photos with a little hand peeking out are precious.

Bows or no bows?

To me, the wrap, onesie, and even the setting of her nursery can remind everyone your baby is a girl, without getting in the way of documenting her sweet head of hair - even if it’s just tiny wisps!

If you’re a mom who loves bows, I suggest using a tiny one, so that the bow doesn’t overwhelm your daughter’s beautiful face.

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This was such a sweet way to pick up a bit of big sister’s dress, too!

Choosing what your baby will wear for his or her newborn photo session really can be easy and stress-free. If you’re not sure about your choices, lay out a couple of your favorite picks, and we can look at them together when I arrive. I’m always happy to share what will look best in your photos and will make you happiest now, and for years to come.

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