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Figuring out what to wear for your newborn baby’s photo session at home doesn’t need to be stressful.

Newborn photography with me is about the connection and joy in your family as you celebrate and cuddle your new baby, and these tips will help you bring the focus to your newborn and these moments, while you feel comfortable and look beautiful.

For Everyone:

We want your newborn baby and the expressions of love surrounding your baby to be the focus of these photos. With that in mind, I recommend everyone else stick to solid colors or simple patterns, and add in a little texture, where possible.

I love to see neutrals (grays, creams, navy, and tans) throughout your color palette - and I love them even more when they’re combined with another single color. That said, for newborn sessions, that pop of color should be somewhat calming - pinks, blues, greens are great choices.

It’s also important for the colors you choose to complement each other. So although you don’t want matchy-matchy, it is a great idea for everyone to dress in colors that go well together.

Find tips for dressing your newborn baby for your photo session here.

(Love Dad’s pink color pop here to go with Mom’s cream sweater and baby’s gray wrap.)

While we’re talking color, I always recommend avoiding red for photos of family groups. Not only does it steal the scene, it brings out red tones in skin that most of us would rather avoid.

One great way to incorporate texture is by having one person in your family wear a sweater, like in the photo above. Big sister’s seersucker dress with blue and white stripes adds the texture in this family below.

Albuquerque Lifestyle Newborn Photographer-14.jpg

My number one tip for all photo sessions is this: Keep away from shirts with words, logos, or characters. They distract take away from the moment and draw focus away from your baby.

Instead, stick with solid colors, simple patterns, and a little texture and you’ll not only have photos that capture your life right now with your newborn baby, but you’ll have timeless images you’ll love.

what to wear newborn photo session SMA Photography - 6.jpg

For Mom:

You will have just had your baby about a week before I arrive for your newborn photo session, and it’s important that you’re comfortable. A flowing dress works perfectly for this occasion.

what to wear newborn photo session SMA Photography - 7.jpg

Something long, that covers your knees, and still gives you plenty of room for movement will give us lots of options for photos while you snuggle with your little one.

what to wear newborn photo session SMA Photography - 9.jpg

Another great option is a pair of jeans or colored pants with a cute sweater or top. Add on a few small accessories, and you’ll look fantastic!

what to wear newborn photo session SMA Photography - 11.jpg

(Mom’s sweater here both looks great and gives her texture and movement. It also gives her some space so nothing is tight against her stomach. Also, as we’re going into this topic next, I love Dad’s clothing here, with his darker gray button down shirt and jeans.)

For Dad:

Solid colored pants or jeans (no cargo pants, please!) with a polo, button down, or sweater are my favorite looks for you.

Also important for dad - leave your cell phone and watch in another room. Cell phones look strange in pockets in photos, and unless the watch is a family heirloom, it can distract from your baby in the photos.

what to wear newborn photo session SMA Photography - 8.jpg

For Big Brothers and Sisters:

For girls, I love dresses and outfits with ruffles or texture of some sort. Jeans and a cute top also look great!

For boys, I’m into striped or solid t-shirts, polos or button downs, and tops with small repeating patterns. Same as dad, I love solid color shorts or pants, but not cargo-style. Some of my favorite boys shorts have tiny patterns (sharks, palm trees, etc), and they look great paired with a solid colored top.

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Take Advantage of My Free Personal Styling Service

My goal during your family’s newborn photography session is to create beautiful photos of this incredible newborn time, capture honest memories, and for you to feel amazing. That’s why I now offer personalized styling - based on your individual style and wardrobe. If you have any questions about what to wear, or want my thoughts on what you’ve picked out, please don’t hesitate to ask. That’s part of what I’m here for.

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