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So many newborn photographers have a pretty strict window on when they will schedule newborn photos. And that window coincides with all the busyness of getting used to having your baby at home…not to mention a major developmental growth spurt!

But one of the wonderful things about lifestyle and in home newborn photography, is that they’re wonderful for older newborn babies, too.

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Sweet Baby Sonja was just over 4 weeks old at her dream of a photo shoot.

And yet,

Because she was at home, comfortable and cuddling with her mama, everything about her newborn photo session was smooth and easy.

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If your baby is 4-6 weeks old, don’t worry.

You haven’t missed the boat on newborn photos of your baby.

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In fact, those connections and bonds you have with your baby may shine even brighter with a later newborn session - while still retaining the memory and feel of just how tiny your little one is in this stage.

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Reach out to me to schedule your baby’s newborn photo session and hold on to the sweetness of these days for a lifetime.

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SMA Photography with Stacey Adams is based in Albuquerque, NM. Stacey photographs and videos babies and their families in a lifestyle manner in hospitals and homes in ABQ, Rio Rancho, and Santa Fe. To book your newborn photo shoot with Stacey, email at stacey@sma-photography. com or visit Albuquerque Newborn Photography | SMA Photography.