Commemorating Breastfeeding

For many of us, the end of breastfeeding our babies is bittersweet.

There is much to be excited about. Maybe it’s a little more freedom (for you both!) or maybe you’re making room for another baby to join your family.

It’s also an end of something very special, and endings are always a little sad, too.

After more 16 months, the time has come, and I absolutely love that August’s mother commemorated the end of their breastfeeding with this video.

We spent part of a sleepy afternoon together, as August and her mom played together, read together, and of course, snuggled and breastfed.

Even though this part of their relationship has changed, I know their bond never will.

To celebrate your breastfeeding bond with your baby, reach out to me. I would love to create something special for you.

Stacey Adams