What to Wear: Fresh 48 Newborn Photography

Fresh 48 photography and video are some of my very favorite sessions. The joy and newness of this time are beyond compare, and the images from these hospital sessions are treasures.

But I get it. Just because you’re in the hospital doesn’t mean you want to wear the standard issue hospital gown for these baby photos.

Newborn Photography Fresh 48 Hospital Photos Albuquerque-21.jpg

And who could blame you? Hospital gowns are great for the purpose of providing both a modicum of modesty and accessibility for your care during labor and delivery, but can’t exactly be considered well-fitting or beautiful!

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Which is exactly where these robes - perfect for a Fresh 48 hospital photo session for your newborn baby - come into play.

The first time I arrived for a Fresh 48 session to find the new mama wearing one of these robes I thought, this is genius!

After all, after your post-delivery shower, you WANT to change into something of your own - something that’s super comfortable and will also look amazing in your photos!

ABQ Fresh 48 Photographers hospital-23.jpg

Knowing so many of my mamas feel the same way, I put together this quick guide to share some of my favorite robes for newborn photos in the hospital.

Each of these robes will make you feel amazing - or at least camera-ready! - and will look beautiful through my lens.

The photos below come directly from each online store website, so that you can see their models wearing each robe.

I’ve also included their pricing and color options (where applicable), as well as a button that will take you straight to that robe in their online store, if you find one that’s right for you!

Happy scrolling!



7 Beautiful Robes

~for your Fresh 48 or Newborn Photo Session~



Bamboo Delivery and Nursing Robe from Pink Blush

pink blush 2 Fresh 48 Robe Albuquerque Newborn Photography.jpg

This robe comes in lots of beautiful colors. My personal favorites are Coral, Black, Navy, and Blue.


Solid Delivery/Nursing Robe from Pink Blush

pink blush 3 Fresh 48 Robe Albuquerque Newborn Photography.jpg

Navy, Green, and Black all look amazing (the Black is my favorite!)


Mae Floral Maternity Delivery Nursing Robe from Gownies

Gownies 1 Fresh 48 Robe Albuquerque Newborn Photography.jpg


(I also love the very similar Isla Floral Robe.)

Brie Maternity Delivery Nursing Robe from Gownies

Navy Striped Maternity, Delivery, and Postpartum Robe from Gownies

Reese Milkmaid Robe from Milkmaid Goods

Rosa Milkmaid Robe from Milkmaid Goods

Blue Floral Sash Tie Maternity/Nursing Wrap Maxi Dress from Pink Blush

Albuquerque Newborn Photographer - Pink Blush Maxi.jpg

Shown in blue, it’s also beautiful in pink.


Please feel free to reach out to me for extra advice about what to wear or any other details about your Fresh 48 newborn hospital session. My email is stacey@sma-photography and my phone number is included on my contact page.

You deserve to have beautiful photos of you and your newborn baby - and to feel beautiful, too. I’d love to help.

And if you’re wondering when the best time to book your Fresh 48 or Newborn Session is, take a peek at Cleveland, Ohio Newborn Photographer Chelsey Hill’s article on that very topic. (And if you’re wondering, yes I do save a couple dates for last minute bookings!)