Fresh 48 Newborn Photography with Baby Kamea | Santa Fe

As a newborn photographer based in Albuquerque, it's always an honor and a joy when I'm invited to photograph and film a new baby in Santa Fe. 

One of the things that's most important to me, no matter where you live, is to tell the story of YOUR baby and YOUR family.

Fresh 48 and Newborn Photography in Santa Fe, NM

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As much as babies have in common, in reality, they're all different. 

They have different personalities, preferences, and ways of being that are all their own.

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(This sweet girl loved to stick her tongue out, and her parents and I thought it was the cutest thing!)

That's what I'm there to capture during our time together. The things - both little and big - that make your story your own.

No one else can hold, care for, or love your baby the way you can.

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And with this being a time you can never get back, your photos, your videos, and your memories of this time with your newborn baby should show the beauty of your reality.

When you choose me as your newborn photographer, you'll get nothing staged, nothing contrived, and nothing like the other photos out there. As I say on the first page of my website, it'll be your real life, really beautiful.

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If this is the sort of newborn photography experience you're looking for, please request our Fresh 48 Guide below or reach out to me for more details. I'm always happy to help.

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