Baby August at Six Months | Albuquerque Photography

Six months after documenting this sweet baby girl's birth story, I returned to make a second film for her family.

We all know that babies change so incredibly quickly. 

After that brief newborn stage, it's easy to get lost in the busyness of caring for your baby and figuring out your new normal, without really marking the subtle changes from week to week. 

But pausing to celebrate - just for a moment - with a film like this one, brings such joy to your family, even as it continues to grow and change. 

That's why August's mother reached out to me - to create a film to remember this exact stage of their family's life.

The stage with a baby who giggles, naps, eats sweet potatoes, enjoys her swing and walker, and is so very loved by everyone in her life.

It was important August's mother to document the wonderful people who care for August while mom and dad are at work, as well as the special time the three of them have together at the end of the day. 

This split-session Film-Only did just that, and I'm so happy they'll have this time, always. 

Did this video remind you how much you'd love to have a beautiful record of every day moments with your family?

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Want to see the film of August's Birth Story? Check it out HERE.