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My oldest and middle sons are 18 months apart, so believe me when I say I understand - daily life with a toddler and a newborn involves a juggle like no other.

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But as they say, the days are long, and the years are short.

(See Mary's Newborn Film)

And soon, this time will be a blur. 

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That's why in-home newborn photography - and video - is so important.

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To reconnect with this time - and relive the love that filled this space - is everything.

That's why Mary's parents chose a more family-centered newborn session - one that documents what their life looks like at this stage. I'm so happy for them to have a record of what these days were like - to remember how beautiful this time really was, with two little ones under two.

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If you're expecting and would love to remember these newborn days in your home, request our newborn session guide below or connect with me for more details.

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