Fresh 48 with Baby Hugo | Albuquerque Newborn Photographer

Fresh 48 Newborn Photography | UNM Hospital, Albuquerque

Imagine you've just given birth to your beautiful baby.

You and your husband are overwhlemed with joy and wonder and love.

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You're also, well...a little overwhelmed!

I think most of us feel that way.

That's why my goal is to make your Fresh 48 and Newborn photo experience so relaxed and easy.

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This time, during your short hospital stay, is a time of newness, tininess, and intense connection. 

I truly believe it's one of the most special times of your life.

You deserve to have gorgeous photos and a film of your newborn baby AND for it to be simple and stress-free. 


See Baby Hugo's Fresh 48 Film.

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That's why, when I visit you for your Fresh 48 Photo Session, I'll come when it's convenient for you.

I'll bring my camera and spend about an hour hanging out with you, chatting with you, and celebrating your miracle with you.

I'm not there to ask you to do anything you wouldn't be doing already - I'm there to help you remember how beautiful and incredible this experience really is.

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And so, it was so meaningful to me when Hugo's mama told me later,

"You made this so easy.

I loved your Fresh 48 photos, and I really wanted them for us, but I worried about how overwhelming it would be to have a photo session the day after having a baby.

It wasn't at all though! Everything about it was easy! I'm so glad we had you come to the hospital." 

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That's the experience I want for you, too. Easy, beautiful, and so very meaningful.

Reach out to me or request our guide below for more details on booking your Fresh 48 Session. These are the photos and the video you'll treasure forever.

Make sure to check out the photos and video from Hugo’s Newborn Photo Session, too.