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Albuquerque Newborn Photography with Stacey Adams

I absolutely love to create photos and films for families with a newborn baby in their lives.

It's my passion, an art that brings me so much joy throughout each step.

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It's also something I feel so close to, that I sometimes have difficulty explaining why it's so meaningful to me.

Occasionally, though, I work with a family that manages to describe exactly why I love this work so clearly, it takes my breath away. 

See Baby Hugo's Newborn Film.

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Hugo's family was one of those.

"You know," his mama told me, "Those first few days at home felt so overwhelming and chaotic.

But, when look at the photos and the film, I see how much love was there, how beautiful it was, and how lucky we are."

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And that's exactly it, right there.

Everyone feels a shake-up when they bring their new baby home. It's a time of intense change.

It's also a time of intense love and intense beauty.

Highlighting those blessings in your real life is exactly why I so love these newborn sessions.

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If this is an experience that speaks to your heart, reach out to me or enter your email below. You'll receive all the details on booking a Newborn Photo and Film Session that will help you remember just how blessed these newborn days are.