Fresh 48 with Baby Lucy | Albuquerque Newborn Photographer

Fresh 48 Newborn Photography | Lovelace Women’s Hospital, Albuquerque

I adore all of the documentary style, real life photo and film sessions I offer families, but Fresh 48 Photo Sessions have a very special place in my heart.

Most people don't think of hospitals as the ideal photography location.

But there is something about this space between the birth of your baby and bringing him or her home that is especially meaningful.

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It's a place of quiet, where distractions from the outside world fall away, and it's just you and your baby. 

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Getting to know each other earth-side.

These first 48 hours are a time to take a deep breath. 

And remember the joy in all that is, and all that is to come.

It's my honor to be with families during this time of bonding and intense love, and to give them photos and films that show just that. 

Reach out to me or request our guide below for more information on booking your Fresh 48 Session to remember the beauty of this incredibly special time in your family's life.

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