Emma + Owen

When our second (or third, plus) baby comes home, life is different from when we brought our first born home.

That's why Emma and Owen's parents chose a Family Photo and Film Session, with a little extra focus on Emma, to remember this time, as it really was, in their family's life.

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Now with two little ones at home, things are a little busier, but just as sweet.

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During my time at their home, I helped them to remember the details of Emma's newborn routine, and Owen's active toddler years.

See their Family Film.

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Life at Emma and Owen's home is filled with hours spent playing outside, feeding chickens, helping prepare meals, nursing, and napping.

With full hands and full hearts, these are days are the days that will pass by in an instant. The ones we'll wish to return to, if only for a moment, for the rest of our lives, to relive and remember what it was like when they were little.

I'm so happy Emma and Owen's parents are able to do just that.

If your heart wants to relive the sweetness of your every day moments for years to come, reach out to me or request our Family Session Guide below, with full pricing information. I'd love to help you get started. 

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