Melissa + James's Family

Documentary family photography is about so much more than yearly photos of pretty faces.

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Pretty faces are always a part of it, of course - as they should be! But these sessions are about the beauty that fills your real, every day life.

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It’s about capturing what this stage in your family’s life is like and the love that fills your home, in an artful, special way.

See Melissa and James’s Family Film.

I’ve photographed Melissa and James’s family for three years in a row, now, and I so love seeing how each of their children grow from year to year.

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As Melissa and I flipped through several years of photo albums I’ve created for her family, we were both struck by how much has changed and how much has stayed the same.

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Each of her four children are so sweet and funny and creative, and all have such unique, distinctive personalities.

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These yearly photo and video sessions in their home help her record the beauty in each season.

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And because we’ve built a relationship over the years, I see even more clearly what’s important to document in this exact stage of their lives.

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To me, and to my clients, this type of family photography and filmmaking is everything. It’s exactly what we want to remember about the little things and the little ones that bring us joy in our every day lives.

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If having photos and video of the love, connections, and personalities in your home sounds like the best thing in the world to you, too, request our Family Session Guide below or reach out to me for more details.

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