Baby Imogene | Albuquerque Newborn Photographer

Is there anything in the world more precious than a newborn baby?

I absolutely love to photograph new little lives in Albuquerque and create sweet keepsakes of these newborn days for families.

From birth, your new baby is immediately woven into your family's story.

Newborn Photographer Albuquerque E-082217-6.jpg

(Imogene's mother, brother, and sister all wore this beautiful silk hat as babies, too.)

Newborn Photographer Albuquerque E-082217-4.jpg

She has a unique place in your family, no other has ever had before. That's something to celebrate!

Newborn Photographer Albuquerque E-082217-14.jpg

And if you're here, it's likely you agree, photos and films celebrate your baby joining your family in a way that's unparalleled.

Newborn Photographer Albuquerque E-082217-11.jpg

There's truly no reason to choose between beautiful photos of your newborn and meaningful images that bring your favorite stories and details to mind.

You CAN have both.

Newborn Photographer Albuquerque E-082217-1.jpg

And there are just so many details you'll want to remember.

Newborn Photographer Albuquerque E-082217-7.jpg

Including how it felt to hold your baby, so tiny, in your arms.

Newborn Photographer Albuquerque E-082217-34.jpg

And the joy and connection this little one added to your family's life.

There's so much to celebrate, so much to be grateful for, when your baby joins your family's story,

and Imogene's agrees.

Congratulations, Erin and Jason. I'm over the moon for your family!

Celebrate your newborn baby with gorgeous, meaningful photos that speak to your heart. 

Reach out to me to book your session, or download our Newborn Session Guide for details and full pricing information.