End of Summer | Family Water Photography

This summer feels like it's passed faster than any other for our family.

(Does time just continue to speed up as they grow?)

There is something about the pool that seems to shine a bright, hot spotlight on how much my boys have changed since the year before.

Last summer, my youngest wouldn't step foot in the deep end and the older two were cautious.

This year, all three spent most of their time there - inventing games (some achingly familiar to the ones my sister and I played as girls), jumping from the diving board, and performing all sorts of tricks.

Last summer, it was a faraway dream to sit under the umbrella, sipping my ice water and reading novels while the boys played in the water. This year it was reality. (And it was fabulous!) 

It's been an amazing summer. Fun. Relaxing. And over way too quickly.

But I'm thankful for it. (Feeling like it's gone too fast is a sign of happiness, I think.)

Thankful, too, for the photos that will remind me how THIS summer in our lives felt, long after the next summer comes and goes.

Do you feel like time is flying by, too? Reach out to me, and I'll help you plan a photo session that gives you the best parts of your life today, forever.