What's on your "One Day" list?

We all have a “One Day” list.

You know what I’m talking about - things we WANT to do…we just haven’t quite gotten around to yet.
Maybe yours includes training for a 10K or (bless you!) a Triathalon.
Maybe you've been meaning to plan a family vacation, or even just a few day trips. (I’d love to get up to Durango for a few days or take the boys to see White Sands.)
Maybe you've felt a desire to help another family, in some way, and take a little of the load off of their backs.
Sometimes, we stall out with our “One Day” list because we’re not sure we can see the whole picture.
We don’t have ALL the specifics.
We aren’t confident we know HOW to make it happen.
We can’t settle on WHEN to do it.
And so we sit. And wait. Hoping we’ll figure it all out. (Magically, of course!)
And the time for DOING passes us by.
I don’t want that to happen to me.
And I don’t want it to happen to you, either.

Sometimes all we need, is to take one, tiny, first step towards making our plans a reality.

It can give us just the momentum we need.
Challenge yourself to take that first step today.
Go for a walk and pick up the pace to run a few minutes of it.
Search VRBO for a cute vacation rental in one of the places you're dying to visit, and choose your favorite.
Email me, and I’ll hook you up to help an amazing family, who is facing incredible ongoing medical costs for their daughter.
As for my first step today, I’m heading out to buy all the supplies to re-paint our boys’ bathroom. It’s been on my “One Day” list for quite some time, and I'm super excited to finally make this project happen!
PS - If a photo session or family film is on your list, get my Session Guide HERE. Completely updated with pricing and details, it’s the perfect first step to take today.