Nicole + Chase's Family

What would you do if I came over with my camera for the afternoon?

Maybe you’d cozy up and read on the couch with your youngest. Maybe you’d bake something special with your oldest. Maybe you’d build a fort from start to finish with your kids – or try, until they took over to get everything just so.

Or maybe, like Nicole’s family, you’d just be.

When Nicole contacted me to book her photo session, she said words I hear often from the families I work with. “I have no idea what we’ll do.”

Together, we sat down and brainstormed a few things they do on a normal Saturday afternoon – the things she’d want to remember forever. The way her oldest daughter plays and reads in her room. The way her youngest loves to be held. The way she and her husband relax on the couch together – the perfect ending to the week and the perfect start to the next.

Nicole trusted me to see the magic in their nothing-on-the-agenda afternoon. It was gorgeous.

When you book a photo or film session with me, there’s no need for your family to be anything other than yourselves. Real is best.

So what would you do if I came over with my camera? Whatever you have in mind, whatever memories you’d like to capture in photographs or film, I promise you, it will be perfect. Reach out to me to get started or request our family session guide below.

I had so many favorites from Nicole’s session, but here are few from the top of my list.