Melissa + James's Family

My number one goal, when I photograph your family, is to hold a mirror to your world,

Family Photographer In Home 2017-2.jpg

and show the love that fills your every day. 

(See Melissa + James's family film.)

Family Photographer In Home 2017-21.jpg

The moments that, when you pay attention to them, cause you to pause,

feel the love flooding your heart,

Family Photographer In Home 2017-27.jpg

and remember just how very lucky you are to have these people. This life. 

I was absolutely thrilled to return to Melissa and James's home for the second year in a row to help them hold onto these moments - and the way they feel - forever.

I'd love to help you hold onto the love that fills your family's real, every day life. Contact me to get started. 

See the images and film from Melissa and James's first family session with me HERE.