Amber + Alex's Family

Why are in-home family photo sessions gaining popularity?

Family Photographer Albuquerque 11-4-17-4.jpg

One of the reasons, I think is simply this. Authenticity.

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In a world that's a little nuts (to put it mildly!), we crave the truth.

We want to see the love that fills our daily lives just as it is.

Without artifice. Without pretense.

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And, oh, how breathtakingly beautiful that real love is.

In that authenticity, we want to be present to the little things.

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The ones that warm our hearts, and remind us as we fall into bed at night,

Life is good.

If your heart is searching for the authenticity that an in-home family session with me brings, reach out to me. I'd love to give you real memories of the incredible love and beauty that abounds in your ordinary, every day, life.