Why do you need a doula?

I didn't choose to hire a doula for any of my three births.

I honestly thought, "My husband is so amazing! What could a doula possibly do for me, that he can't?"

But seeing Carrie Murphy work opened my eyes to the incredible work doulas do. 

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My husband IS amazing. I was right about that part. 

But he had no experience with birth. 

(Neither did I, in all honesty.) 

His love for me - and for our baby - caused him to worry throughout the birthing process. Was I okay? Was the baby okay? Is this all normal?

But without a doula to reassure him, he also had to handle the stress of keeping that anxiety inside.

He wanted to support me during the birth process - and let me be clear, he WAS an incredible source of strength and support.

But he didn't he didn't have a wealth of resources in his back pocket to help me manage my labor, the way a doula would.

Birth is an intensely emotional, life-changing event.

And having now experienced a doula in action, it's very clear to me, she's someone you want on your birth team.

The right doula will support you AND your husband in the exact ways you need - before, during, and after your birth. 

She'll help you communicate with your health care providers and create a bubble that allows you to connect with your inner strength and with your baby.

Regardless of your birth plan, consider hiring a doula. 

After interviewing a few, choose one with a personality and approach that's a good match for you. (You'll know. I promise.)

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There is so much your doula can add to your birthing experience. Teamed with your amazing husband, you'll both be so thankful for her presence and gifts. 

Carrie Murphy is a birth doula located here in Albuquerque, and she was the doula for this birth. For more information on what it's like to work with her, visit her website here.