Baby Cary | Albuquerque Newborn Photographer

I've had so many moms tell me that one of the best things about booking their newborn photo session with me - in addition to the gorgeous photos, obviously! - is that I come to you. 

ABQ Newborn Photographer 10-17-15.jpg

Here's why:

We all feel so much more comfortable in our own homes.

And you feel even more comfortable at home after you baby is born - when you know you have anything and everything your baby could possibly need at an arm's reach.

(Let's face it, even if you're the most organized person on the planet, leaving your house with your new baby in tow can be stressful.)

That feeling of comfort and calm from just being at home translates into beautiful, meaningful photos of your real memories.

In your home, you're not only free to take care of your baby on his schedule, in the way you know is best.

Your real memories of this time are highlighted in a way posed studio photos just can't. 

ABQ Newborn Photographer 10-17-24.jpg

And that's especially true when you add on a Newborn Film.

(I can't get over those sweet little faces he makes! Or that sleeping shoulder shrug!)

ABQ Newborn Photographer 10-17-17.jpg

Congratulations, Justine and Evan on your sweet baby boy. I know Cary will continue to create so much joy in your lives and in the world.

If you feel your heart leading you to an in-home newborn session like this one, reach out to me to book your session, or download our Newborn Session Guide for details and full pricing information.

We’re incredibly grateful that Stacey came to our home and captured such beautiful moments with our son in his first weeks. Nothing was staged or contrived, and she made us feel so relaxed and comfortable. Stacey is a total pro, and her work speaks for itself.
— Justine + Evan