Why 2017 Will Be Different

2017 is going to be a big year in our house - I’m turning 40, and my youngest is starting Kindergarten in the fall. The combination of the two events seems to be making me more introspective than usual, and that’s saying a lot.
If I had chosen a word to define 2016, it would have been consistency. And while a lot of good came from that consistency (a growing business, acceptance into Click Pro, a workshop that helped lots of moms learn to really use their cameras), I also spent a lot it stressed and busy with tasks that, frankly, made me wonder if I was wasting time that could have been better spent.
So for 2017, I’m choosing HEART as my word to live by.
I’ve broken that word down into a few primary goals to keep me focused and on track (because if you know me, you know I love lists!).
1. Be more present. For me, this means I’ll be staying off Facebook and IG when I’m with my family. It’s going to be hard, y’all, but I know my kids will keep me honest.
I’ll also be documenting more of the little moments in my family in photos and film. It’s something I often put off, and slide to another week’s to-do list, but the time is slipping away from me. (My oldest is halfway to 18. That’s halfway to moving out! And yes, I am freaking out!) At the same time, there’ll be times I decide to leave my camera on the shelf and just enjoy my family – that’s part of it.
2. Challenge myself artistically, with both personal projects and opportunities I’ve dreamt of my entire life. (I’ll have more to share on these soon, but I’m super excited!)
3. Give more. I’ve chosen two ways to do this through SMA Photography this year. One is through “Eliza Films,” where, together, we’ll be donating 30% of each film session fee towards Eliza’s ongoing medical expenses in 2017. (Read more about Eliza and her family here.) It is such an honor to help this sweet family, who has been through so much and has many more challenges ahead.
I’ll also be waiving the photo session fee for any military family who is facing a deployment. I know first-hand that it’s the every day moments that families miss most when one member is deployed.  
So HEART, it is. I'm ready.
PS - If one of your goals is to learn how to use your camera, my next DSLR Workshop for Moms is coming up in March. Sign up here to get first dibs on registration. Space is limited.

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