A Morning Together: With the Grandkids

Growing up, my grandparents were the sort who would drop everything for my sister and me.

My grandfather would chat away with us during "coffee time", which included slices of apple pie and a Sun Drop for us girls. 

My grandmother was always available for curling up on the couch together with a book or teaching us to knit for the 100th time. (I guess it makes sense that bookmarks made of yarn were my specialty.)

We'd feed the cat, play Clue, and beg for another guided tour of the basement "treasures" - the highlight being a set of animal traps my grandfather used for hunting as a boy.  

There was nothing especially riveting about those visits. They were just us, hanging out. Them, including us. All of us, enjoying each other's company. A home, full of love.

When Kathy asked me to make a film for her at the end of December, I was over the moon. Not only did she want to donate towards Eliza's medical expenses, she wanted to capture a morning with her grandkids over. 

They wouldn't be doing anything especially riveting. Just making crafts. A little baking. Enjoying each other's company. A home, full of love.

I probably don't have to tell you, I would give anything to have a film like this: my grandparents, my sister, and me, just spending the morning together at their home.

I am so very happy Kathy, Bill, and their grandkids have one.  

If this is an experience that speaks to you, reach out to me. Let's make it happen.