Baby Joshua | Albuquerque Newborn Photographer

I headed back to Amanda's home when Baby Joshua was 2 weeks old for his newborn photo session. In the short time since his Fresh 48 Session, he had already grown so much, and was even more alert, which was so fun to see.

One of the wonderful benefits of in-home documentary newborn photo sessions is that your baby is free to be himself - awake or asleep, nursing or crying, in your arms or wrapped up tight.

There's no pressure to put your baby to sleep (and make sure he stays that way).

There are no rules to follow.

It's just you and your baby, exactly as you are, making memories you want to keep forever.

And that's what I captured for Amanda - A typical afternoon for the two of them. 

This is the way they spend these newborn days, and I'm so glad Amanda has photographs that capture the love and beauty of this time.

If this experience speaks to your heart, reach out to me or request our newborn session guide below.

Congratulations again, Amanda. Joshua is a sweet and gorgeous boy!

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