Scheduling Your Family Photo Session

When I tell people here in Albuquerque that I only accept two to three photo sessions a month, I usually get a look of surprise, mixed with confusion, in response.

And I get it.

Most family and portrait photographers fill their schedules with as many session bookings as they can.

But as much as I love to photograph families in all stages of life, limiting the number of clients I work with each month has huge benefits for both them and me.

Albuquerque Family Photographer

When a family trusts me to document their lives, it’s a big deal. This isn’t a fake smile in front of a backdrop we’re talking about – this is your real life, complete with beautiful imperfections and raw, honest interactions.

It's important that I get to know my clients – that’s what allows me to create images that show your true personalities and to bring you a feeling of peace and appreciation for this life you're living together.

It takes time, openness, and attention to detail on my part, and the truth is, it’s just not possible to rush through this kind of experience and get meaningful results.

From the first time we sit down together to talk about your favorite memories, through the day I deliver your artwork, I’m committed to giving your family my very best, and working with just a few families a month means I’m not stretched too thin and can truly give you the level of service you and your memories deserve.

Limiting the number of clients is also the right choice for my family.

Because I honestly value those memories you’re making with yours, I'm careful not to over-schedule sessions and miss out on experiencing those moments with my own.

And really, spending time with my family renews me and inspires me to see and photograph the special connections in yours. It's win-win.

So while it might be a little non-traditional (much like my photography!), working with 2-3 families a month is what's right for me and for my business. I sincerely hope yours is one of the special few.



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