Megan + Robert's Family

How often are you in the photo with your family?

With the exception of a selfie here or there, for most moms (myself included), it’s pretty rare.

When I think of the ways I love my family every day…

From making meals to reading stories,

From kissing away boo-boos to listening to hopes and dreams,

From dancing and singing to hugging and cuddling,

It breaks my heart to think, if I don’t make an effort to get in the frame, one day, the details of those memories will fade away – both for me and for my children.

Megan understands how important it is to have her family’s real life documented – and to be IN her family’s collective memory in photographs.

In her first email to me, she told me,

“When my husband was deployed, I photographed my children almost daily and sent photos and memory books. Since he’s been home, there are tons of photographs of them together. I’m usually behind the camera, though, and having you take our photos will give us a chance to be together as a family in our prints.”

Oh, man. I can so relate.

And I’m so thrilled that she now has beautiful images that show her family’s life in this stage - ones that include HER, being the wonderful mother she is.

Here are a few of my favorites from Megan’s family’s Saturday morning, pancake breakfast routine.