Behind the Olive Branch

If you’ve visited my website in the past month, you’ve probably noticed a few changes in my logo and website design. I’m so thankful to Marie Chang of August + White Design Studio for creating meaningful branding that truly represents what it’s like to work with me.

By first glance, I know it seems like a fairly simple logo - a classic font, paired with an olive branch – but like most things, the significance is in the details.

Any plant could represent the growth and change I help families document, by stopping time, for just a moment, with my camera.

SMA Photography Albuquerque Photographer

But an olive branch symbolizes so much more than growth and change.

It symbolizes peace.

Each family I work with is unique, with its own special routines, stories, and memories.

But when I deliver their prints, every family I photograph feels a sense of peace and appreciation for the life they’re living together.

In seeing the beauty of their real life, just as it is, they come face to face with the truth that their life is full of blessings, and they see each other in a new, and more thankful way.

This is why I love serving families with my photography, and I’m so thrilled to now have a logo that matches my heart.

If the message behind my logo resounds with your heart, too, I’d love to hear from you. Visit my contact page and say hello.