What to Wear for Your Family Photos

I’ve been there.

I remember the stress – no, the panic – I felt, trying to coordinate outfits for our family photos.

I’d pull options from our closets, lay everything out on the bed, and hope for some magical color scheme to jump out at me.

With 5 in our family, I’m sure you can guess, it didn’t.

I’d end up spending money on new clothes, when what I really wanted were photos - photos that showed our joy in being together and how much we really love each other.

And let me tell you, you definitely don’t need matching clothes for those.

Part of the magic of documentary family photography is that you can truly be yourselves – and that includes what you choose to wear. But because it’s one of the most asked questions (and I understand why!), here are a few pointers to help you decide what to wear during our time together.

Be Comfortable – My #1 tip for great photos is to be comfortable. When you’re relaxed, you going to feel good and look great. Now, I’m not talking sweat pants and over-sized t shirt relaxed, but jeans and a simple t-shirt will be perfect. You want clothes that fit, without restricting your motions. So dress for the activity you’ve chosen (no one wears a skirt and heels on a hike through the woods!), and be your awesome selves.

Simple is Best – Don’t let the clothes steal the attention from you or the emotion in the photos. Simpler truly is better. Keep away from shirts with words or logos. Stick with solid colors and simple patterns and you’ll not only have photos that capture your life right now, but you’ll have timeless images you’ll love.

Follow Your Child – That shirt your son wants to wear every.single.day? Perfect. Your daughter is begging to wear a tiara? Great! When your child starts developing their own dress sense, it may make you raise your eyebrows, but you’ll miss it one day, and I promise you’ll be so thankful to have it captured in these photos.

Wear What You Normally Would – If I’m joining you first thing in the morning, starting off in pajamas and changing after breakfast totally works. If we’re hanging out at your home for the day, you’ll probably be barefoot. If we go on an outing, wear what you’d normally wear. There really are no hard and fast rules for what to wear in a documentary photography session. Just be yourself!

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