Staci + Eric's Family

Sometimes we hold off on an in-home documentary-style photo session because we're waiting for our lives to settle.

We tell ourselves we'll definitely schedule one...when things slow down with school and work and sports schedules.

When we finally buy some new living room furniture. 

Or lose the last of that baby weight.

We think, we just want to move into our forever home, first - not have a photo session in the one we're living in for now. 

But while we wait for this more perfect version of our lives, we miss out on the beautiful moments happening right now.

(And truth time - we'll never feel like we have it all together. There will always be pieces missing from the puzzle...that is, until you decide you love those weird edges and that funny cloud in the middle.)

As an Air Force family, Staci and Eric know their home here in Albuquerque is temporary. When their three years is up, they'll be onto the next duty station, the next town, and their next home. 

But when they look back at these photos, they'll remember THIS page of their story.

They'll recall what life was like with their three little girls, during a time filled with snuggles on the couch, teddy bears, and trampolines.

They'll see the contentment their family felt in being together and the innocence of their precious girls. 

They'll know they turned this house in Albuquerque into a home, and that they made the most of their time in this place. 

Thank you, Staci and Eric, for inviting me to photograph this time for you. I so loved my time with your family. 

Here are a few of my favorites from their family's session.