Baby Huck

With Baby Huck being their seventh baby, Krystal and Gabe know very well how quickly the newborn stage passes, and what a treasure this time is.

When we met, Krystal explained exactly why a documentary-style newborn session appealed to her. Instead of the stress of trying to convince her children to sit still, look at the camera, and smile at the exact same time, they could all relax and enjoy their photo session. In being themselves, they could capture the honest connections between each other and their beautiful baby boy - the moments she holds most dear.

During my visit, she and Gabe cared for Baby Huck, while their older children were able to float in and out and help in their own ways. And boy did they! Baby Huck is so loved by his five older brothers and his big sister. Each has their own special relationship with him and their favorite ways to help mama and daddy. 

I so enjoyed my morning with Baby Huck's family. They are filled with love for each other and for God, and it truly shines. Documenting this precious time for them was an honor.

Here are a few of my favorites.