The Important Stuff, Like Living Room Forts

All of this getting up early, packing school lunches, and conforming to schedules wore us down this winter. I had dreamed of flying off somewhere tropical, or the opposite (I’d love to take the boys skiing!), but when it came down to it, what our family really needed was a lazy Spring Break.

So, we took one.

We spent our days reading books and watching movies, and didn’t feel the least bit guilty about it. We took spur of the moment trips to museums and the zoo, and went out to lunch afterwards, instead of packing one. When I snuck in a few hours of work here and there, the boys played with friends in the backyard or built living room forts.

And man, did they build them.

Almost daily, a new fort took shape, with couch cushions and pillows for the walls, and afghans and blankets for the roof. Stuffed animals were used as anchors and flying buttresses.

By afternoon, though, the walls were crumbling, and the roof was caved in. (Why our dog thought it was the perfect spot for a nap – repeatedly - is beyond me.)

By dinner, the blankets were folded and put away, the cushions neatened, and the stuffed animals back in their own beds. (Their mother clutter-averse, as she is.)

But in the morning, the building began again.

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