Holiday Traditions | Albuquerque Family Photographer

What are your favorite Christmas traditions?

Maybe it's baking with your little ones.

Or wrapping gifts with a glass of wine next to you. 

It could be watching that movie you watch every Christmas afternoon with your family, all cuddled up on the couch.

Or that moment the kids rush into the living room to see what Santa has brought. 

Whatever your favorite traditions are, I'd like to challenge you to take photos of your family actually living those traditions. 

Yes, a photo where everyone is smiling at the camera, while they hold up their gifts or stand in front of the tree, is nice.

But the ones that will spark the most special memories, the ones that will take you back to THIS Christmas, don't involve anyone stopping what they're doing or saying cheese. 

Capture your family living this Christmas. You'll never regret it.